Red light therapy is a deeply studied science. Originally used to grow plants in space, red light therapy is now widely studied for its many other applications in the medical field. Scientific studies suggest that red light can heal wounds faster and has positive effects on rosacea, psoriasis, pain relief, hair loss, anti-aging, acne and even in weight loss.

Wounds, Cuts, and Scrapes

Red light therapy improves blood circulation and that is the key to heal wounds faster.


The natural red light from the LED’S penetrates the skin to activate cellular activity. A bruise forms when blood leaks from the veins and seep into the skin tissue. Using red light will quickly heal bruises by helping the white blood cells act faster on the dead blood cells that got trapped in the skin.

Muscle repair and injury recovery

This is similar to how light at a specific wavelength boosts performance and recovery. The positive impact of antioxidant mechanisms create an increase in heat proteins and increased oxygen. Scientific studies have concluded that light therapy is an effective treatment for sports injuries such as jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, and Achilles tendinitis.

Joint Pain

Unlike pain medications that you may develop resistance to, red light therapy targets the pain receptors and desensitizes it to eliminate the pain.

Red light therapy can help in pain management when the correct wavelength of red light is used. 830nm of red light can penetrate 5 centimetres of the skin which can help decrease joint pain.

Hair Loss

When hair follicles absorb the red light, it causes it to grow healthier and stronger. However, red light therapy can’t revive hair follicles that are already dead.

Studies suggest that starting red light therapy at the onset of hair loss have more pronounced results than starting it late.

Red light in the wavelengths between 630nm to 670nm are proven to be effective in managing hair loss caused by stress, side effects of medication, those undergoing menopause or those who had surgery.

Skin care

  • reversing collagen down-regulation
  • skin appearance in aged/photoaged skin
  • improvement in wrinkles
  • faster wound healing
  • improved scar appearance


What’s in the light?

Sunlight has the power to provide warmth and energy so that plants can make their own food. In the same way, LED light can penetrate the skin at specific cellular levels to bring about change in the skin.

Instead of just using 1 wavelength or red light, Red Light Wellbeing home devices provide the beneficial wavelengths of red and near-infrared light. All of our lamps also come with the option to customise at a minimal extra cost. Amber LEDs can be added which also help calm sensitive skin and reduce spider veins and flushing and have a 630nm wavelength.

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